Grizzly Bear resources & information

BNSGA Seminars


BNSGA has organized several events for livestock producers on the Rocky Mountain Front and the Blackfeet Reservation.

The first one is scheduled for Jan 8 at 10:30 a.m. at the Choteau Stage Stop Inn.

Grizzly Bear Advisory Council


BNSGA members Kristen Kipp and Trina Jo Bradley were both chosen to serve on Governor Bullock's Grizzly Bear Advisory Council, which will meet once a month through July 2020.

FWP Ag Guide


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has published a guide for livestock producers to secure their barnyards and animals from grizzlies.

MT Stockgrowers Guide


Montana Stockgrowers Association has put together a comprehensive informational brochure for livestock producers in grizzly bear country.

NCDE Subcommittee


The Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem, or Recovery Zone, is situated in northwestern Montana.

Find more information about the NCDE management plans by clicking below.

Trina Jo Bradley - MT Agvocate

Trina was born and raised on the Rocky Mountain Front, where grizzlies have been an ever present issue. Trina has been working hard to make sure the voices of the livestock producers are heard at every level.

Blackleaf Guardians


Blackleaf Guardians, owned by Steve and Billie Skelton, is producing livestock guard dogs that are ready for GRIZZLY BEARS.

Western Landowners Alliance



Western Landowners  Alliance advances policies and practices that sustain working lands,  connected landscapes, and native species. Join us on our mission.

Heart of the Rockies Initiative


 The Heart of the Rockies  Initiative works in a region from southern Alberta and British Columbia  to western Wyoming – the Central Rockies of North America.  Our member  land trusts work in their local communities, partnering with private  landowners to conserve the rural character of our region. 

Defenders of Wildlife


Defenders has a great electric fencing cost share program. Contact Erin Edge or Russ Talmo to see what you can do!

Carnivores and Communities Program


Waterton Biosphere Reserve’s Carnivores and Communities Program (CACP) was initiated in 2009 in response to increasing conflicts between large carnivores and people in southwestern Alberta. 

Living With Wildlife


Want to learn more about bear-proofing your property?  Going on a hike in Yosemite National Park and need information about avoiding conflicts with mountain lions?  Check out the Living with Predators Resource Guides for lots of tips about avoiding conflicts with predators.