About Us


Mission Statement

We, the undersigned livestock operators of the Blackfeet Reservation, organize for mutual benefit in order to promote the development and growth of the livestock industry in this area, to provide financial support for furthering activities beneficial to meeting our common goals and objectives as stockmen in this area, and hereby agree to work together without capital stock for the purpose of forming the Blackfeet Nation Stock Growers Association.


Board of Directors

Chair: Joe Kipp

Vice Chair: Book St. Goddard

Secretary/Treasurer: Verna Billedeaux


BNSGA Events

Check the calendar to see upcoming events for producers!


Recent Accomplishments

  • For the past 2 years, the BNSGA has worked with producers and buyers to market and promote our livestock to contract for higher calf prices.
  • In the spring of 2018, the FSA program LIP compensated producers for livestock killed outright by weather, the BNSGA successfully lobbied the FSA to include all livestock that was frozen or sickened by and either survived with permanent damage or had to be destroyed later.  
  •  BNSGA successfully lobbied the senate in 2019 to include tribal members in SB 133, to be eligible for Livestock Loss Board livestock depredations. BNSGA collaborated to create an MOU between the LLB (Livestock Loss Board) and Blackfeet Tribe for tribal members and non-members regarding livestock depredations. 
  • BNSGA successfully lobbied the Dept. of Agriculture for assistance and was awarded partial funding for a Wildlife Service Agent for Glacier County. BNSGA collaborated on an MOU between USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services and the Blackfeet Tribe. 


Current Projects

The BNSGA is continually working to develop the marketing of our livestock, to maximize profits for BNSGA members while promoting our high standard of livestock we raise. Please contact Book St. Goddard for more information at (406)845-5495.

A County Petition tax for descendants and non-members is currently in the works. In addition to this, the Montana Dept. of Livestock has the 2020 Per Capita Fee. Descendants and non-members are required to pay the Per Capita to be eligible for LLB funds. More information can be found at  You can contact Colleen Gustafson at (406)338-5220.


Attention Producers!


Producers who had livestock on federally managed lands during the recent blizzards, (and are stocking within the appropriate AUM's during the normal grazing period), may be be eligible for ELAP (Emergency Livestock Assistance Program), if they suffered any loss of grazing due to deep snow or flattened grass. Livestock losses may be eligible for LIP (Livestock Indemnity Program) for storm killed livestock.

You have 30 days to file a notice of loss with the FSA. (Blizzards approx. during  Sept. 28-Oct. 14, 2019 or until snow melted.) Please contact your local FSA office for assistance.  (406) 873-5618 Glacier County,  (406) 278-7611 Pondera County


In the News

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